Friday, March 29, 2013

A Hairy Situation + Blog Recs

Thanks to midterms, moving, and a rather nasty, recurring stomach bug, I've been MIA lately. I'm back now and have so many posts in the works that I may lose the few readers I have!

A few years ago, I, like many women, was once sucked into the trap of thinking blondes have more fun. My goal: pale, Cate Blanchett beige. What I achieved: brassy banana. The ends of my hair felt like straw, and the color was heinous. After a frantic search for help, I found myself at Salon Disegno in the capable hands of Kat and Martha. I entered the salon with frazzled, too-light hair and left with a punky, deep red cut. (I lost the picture in a catastrophic hard drive crash, or I'd show it off, too!)  

Flash forward a few years. My hair's been growing out, and it's healthy (due in no small part to Martha's continued expertise) when disaster strikes. I've vented about the Attack of the Pink Hair before, and anyone who has ever bleached their hair knows the havoc it wreaks. Adding insult to injury, I began to suffer from dermatitis, which required the use of harsh, tar-based shampoo to clear up my scalp. 

I think everyone knows where this is going. 

For my birthday, I decided to treat myself -- and my hair -- to a fresh start. As usual, I went in with no real idea of what I wanted. That's usually a disaster and can lead to unhappiness, but that's how much I trust the staff. I went in with shaggy, unhealthy ends and left with a cute, somewhat edgy asymmetrical cut that's much more me than long layers. 

The salon itself is elegant and modern without feeling cold. Orange (my favorite color), is the main accent, so I could be biased in saying it's one of the cutest salons I've ever set foot in. If you find yourself in the Lawrenceville, Georgia area, I suggest you check them out.

Below is an example of Martha's awesome work, as modeled by me (the paler of the two redheads.) Never let it be said that I lack courage; that is quite possibly the most awkward picture of me ever taken! But my hair looks great, and that's the entire point of the post!

If sarcasm is your favored parlance, take a gander at my unofficially adopted sister's blog, Quillimanjaro, which is geared toward writers, avid readers, and anyone with an appreciation for the written word. I'll warn you in advance not to drink anything when you go to read her blog, or you may end up wearing it. (You're welcome.)