Monday, May 13, 2013

Save Your Cents

I normally conduct a great deal of research before I buy a product, so I'm fortunate in that I haven't used many things I didn't like let alone things that I absolutely loathed. 

But sometimes things slip in under the radar. 

1.) Take the Olay Moisture Replenishing Mousse Cleanser, for instance. I have combination/oily skin, but sometimes the products I use to combat my rosacea swing the pendulum in the direction of the Sahara and leave me flaky. I thought this Olay cleanser, which retails for the cheap and cheerful price of $7.99, would be the perfect solution. Olay is a reputable brand, and it promised to replenish lost moisture. What could possibly go wrong?

In sum? Everything

One use left my skin tight, flakier than before, and the next day I woke up with the skin of a hormonal high school freshman in the "before" segment of a Proactive commercial. Maybe it was a reaction to the mineral oil, one of the main ingredients. Learn from my mistake: save your $7.99 for a Simple cleanser if you're in need of a budget-friendly skincare item. 

2.) The next item on my list of "Things I Suspect Were Created By Satan" is actually the recipient of Allure magazine's prestigious Editor's Choice Award. Almay's Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads have been touted as being as gentle as water. The brand itself proclaims it's American's #1 brand for women with sensitive skin, and who doesn't want to believe the adorable Kate Hudson as she assures us the brand won't sting our eyes?

Let me tell you one thing about Kate Hudson: if she truly uses this product, she must have eyelids of steel or the pain tolerance of the incredible Hulk. My lids were hot pink and swollen after one swipe, and the pads didn't remove a trace of mascara for all the trouble they caused me. 

3.) And finally, please allow me to introduce you to the worst shampoo I have ever tried in my life. Meet Nexxus Color Assure Replenishing Color Care shampoo. Nexxus is a fairly upscale brand, so I was excited when I received this product to review. 

The bottle was innocuous, the scent inoffensive, and it felt like any garden variety shampoo in terms of lather and rinsing the product from my hair. Once my hair was dry, however, disaster struck. As always, I permitted my hair to air-dry, and I'm glad I did because my ends were so dry and brittle I thought they would snap off. Meanwhile, my roots were a hot, greasy mess. The first ingredient is SLS, which accounts for the dryness. The 50's greaser look taking place at the roots, however, remains a mystery. 

Long story short: products with 4.7 out of 5 stars may not work for you. Allure, the world renown beauty magazine, sometimes misses its mark in a big way, and sometimes it's better to wash your hair with a $7 sulfate-free shampoo than to buy a name brand. 

What are your most hated products everyone else seems to love?