Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MWA Gets Intimate

…No, not that way. About a week ago, I was invited to join an online forum for the lingerie brand Intimacy. The premise is simple but fascinating: a panel of women will be sent in-store as mystery shoppers as well as communicate with the lingerie Powers That Be about our experiences both with Intimacy and our general bra needs. 

I'll be upfront now; we will be receiving a complimentary lingerie set as well as coupons. That means freebies. What it doesn't mean? Dishonesty. If I think the quality of something is crap, I will say so. If I go into the store, and they're rude to me, everyone will hear about it. It's sad that I have to put up such a disclaimer, but I received a very nasty e-mail from one of my painfully few readers complaining that bloggers need to only discuss products they pay for themselves. I disagree. I think when something is sent for consideration, it's considered and, if the blogger is honest, reviewed with an unbiased, open mind. 

That bit of nastiness out of the way, more about Intimacy for those who are scratching their heads. They're not the most recognizable name in the industry, a title held by Victoria's Secret, but their reputation is growing. With locations in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Houston, and New York (just to name a few), their claim to fame is fit. 

You can pop into a store for a professional fitting, or if you know you're going to be traveling near an Intimacy location at a certain date, you can even make a reservation online. Why am I babbling about this? 

Because fit is everything. Last year I lost a few pounds, dropping from my usual size 6 to a 4, and realized none of my bras fit properly. Annoyed, I measured myself, used an online calculator, and then ducked into Nordstrom's lingerie section for a second opinion. My math was right. I don't wear a 38C anymore; I wear a 36B. 

I learned about Intimacy later and have since spent a few hours drooling over their online wares in addition to the occasional in-store grab-and-go shopping spree. (You know the ones, where you tell yourself if you're running really, really fast, the shopping doesn't count.) I have had positive experiences in the past, but things can change, so I'll try to keep a completely open mind as if I were a new shopper. I'll be updating on the project sporadically and always, always with total honesty.

I'll be back soon with August's Hits and Hell Noes. (Sadly? More Hell Noes this time than Hits.)

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