Friday, September 27, 2013


My plan to post about my vacation was derailed, and for good reason. 

I was visiting the baby of the family (does anyone else with younger siblings call them "babies" still?) in Boulder.

This is the backside of an apartment complex in Boulder, Colorado, after a four-day deluge of a total of nearly fifteen inches of water bombarded the populous college town. First-floor residents lost everything to the rising waters that lapped onto the second story landing but thankfully never rose any higher. Neighboring areas fared even worse. 

For those who haven't been watching the news (or live in another country where there hasn't been any coverage), here's what happened: Rains began to fall heavily on September 9th and continued to do so through the next day. Worse, the pressure centered over the Great Basin, trapped there by atmospheric pressure from the Pacific Ocean that rolled in off western Mexico into the northern parts of Colorado. Coupled with the winds, it was prime territory for more rain. 

As of now, eight people have been confirmed dead, roughly 1,500 homes destroyed, and 18,000 more damaged. While everyone is thankful the damage wasn't worse, there is still much to be done to return affected areas to their former state. To help, please donate to one of the following:


  1. I hope there are no more deaths and that it gets cleaned up soon :(

    1. That's pretty much how we all feel at this point. So sad. :(