Saturday, October 26, 2013

Back to Red

I was born a strawberry blonde, and as anyone with a hint of ginger in their coloring knows, everything but reddish shades look artificial. I've been every shade of the rainbow, but I always go back to some shade of red. During the summer months I was an extremely pale strawberry shade, but as the red tint faded, it left behind an unpleasant cast that looked platinum in daylight and lemony under artificial light. It had to go. 

With autumn in full swing, I decided to go a bit darker to match the changing leaves. On a whim, I grabbed Clairol Natural Reddish Blonde. I'd never used it before, so I Googled reviews. After reading statements like "this is the natural color of my hair without the gray" and "you get the color on the box," I patted myself on the back for a choice well-made and went home to get rid of the faded mess. 

This is just a bit darker than my natural color, only without the gray

You get the color you see on the box

This has never happened before with any dye ever. After years of relying on Revlon and L'OrĂ©al, I've become a Clairol convert. 

So what else should you expect if you jump on the Clairol bandwagon? Strangely enough, the dye honestly didn't smell. That overpowering ammonia odor that steals the breath from your lungs? I didn't catch a whiff. It smelled chemical-heavy -- it's hair dye; it ain't gonna smell like gardenias -- but it wasn't too strong. The conditioner smelled lovely and left my hair in great shape. Best of all, my hair doesn't glow pink or fire-engine red in the sun. It's a rich, russet tone that looks completely natural. 

Whether you're going blonde, red, or brunette, I'd suggest giving Clairol's aptly-named Nice 'n Easy range a shot.

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