Friday, January 31, 2014

The TMI (Too Much Information) Tag!

I've seen this everywhere, most recently on the beautiful and hilarious Melanie's YouTube channel, and since I feel like I'm coming down with the plague and didn't feel up to a review, I thought I'd tackle it. For those interested, Melanie's blog is here:, and you can find her other links there, too!

1.) What are you wearing? Pajamas. I’m sick, guys! 

2.) Ever been in love? Haven’t we all?

3.) Ever had a terrible breakup? Depends on your definition of terrible.

4.) How tall are you? 5’0” normally, 5’1.5” if I’ve been to the chiropractor. 

5.) How much do you weigh? You know what? This is such an unhealthy fixation with people nowadays, so I’m going to say between 100-120 pounds and leave it at that.

6.) Any tattoos? Yup!

7.) Any piercings? Yup, ears only.

8.) OTP? (This means One True Pairing, FYI) Hmm… This is a tough one. I’ll go with a currently airing TV show just to narrow it down and make it easier for me. Castle/Beckett from Castle. They’re just so cute together. They make me happy.

9.) Favorite show? Just one?! If I can only choose one, it’s Sherlock, hands down. The writing is so intelligent, the direction is gorgeous, and the cast… I can’t even speak coherently about Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as Sherlock and John except to say they are stupendous.

10.) Favorite bands? Thank God this is bands, plural, or I couldn’t choose. I definitely can’t pick a single solo artist! I love all music, so this is tough! The Doors, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Who, Led Zeppelin… For modern music, U2, Kings of Leon, Snow Patrol… There are more. Just… music.

11.) Something you miss? Loved ones who’ve died.

12.) Favorite song? Of all time? No idea. Of the moment? Lana Del Rey’s Once Upon A Dream.

13.) How old are you? Old. Old as balls. 30.

14.) Zodiac sign? Pisces on the cusp of Aquarius and definitely more of an Aquarius.

15.) Quality you look for in a partner? I’m not currently looking, but intelligence and a sense of humor.

16.) Favorite quote? Eep! Again, this is so hard, but I’ll go with, “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.” It’s often attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, and it was a favorite of JFK’s.

17.) Favorite actor? I’m going to have to pick two here. Gary Oldman. He’s the most adaptable actor in the world. When he needs to be evil, he is. When it’s a cheesy movie, he brings Grade A Swiss. When it’s a drama, he’s subtle and nuanced. And, sorry, Mom, he’s a much better Dracula than Frank Langella. Also, Cate Blanchett. She’s one of those actors I trust implicitly. When I see her name in the credits, I know I’m going to get something out of the film.

18.) Favorite color? Gray.

19.) Loud music or soft? Both. It depends on my mood.

20.) Where do you go when you're sad? To my bed to cuddle my cats.

21.) How long does it take you to shower? Normally around ten minutes, but since the water has been turning cold (fuck you, winter) it takes five.

22.) How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? If I’m just running errands, ten minutes. Twenty if I’m making an effort.

23.) Ever been in a physical fight? Quite a few when I was a kid. Remember your Shakespeare: “Though she be but little, she is fierce.” Never pick on a short girl!

24.) Turn on? Wit and intelligence.

25.) Turn off? Arrogance and smelly people. Seriously, bathe.

26.) The reason I joined Youtube? Err, I didn’t. I started my blog because I kept getting asked to recommend products, so I figured I’d just do it online so other people can find the information, too.

27.) Fears? Bees, wasps, hornets, yellow jackets… Catch my drift? Clowns. Creepy bastards. Also, roaches.

28.) Last thing that made you cry? Nostalgia. I was watching the Breakfast Club and teared up a little just because I love the movie. My family’s Irish. We cry a lot, okay?

29.) Last time you said you loved someone? This afternoon.

30.) Meaning behind your Youtube name? Again, applying this to my blog. My name starts with an M, and I’m writing about stuff. I’m such a genius with naming things.

31.) Last book you read? The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. It’s about a serial killer who struck during the 1893 World’s Fair.

32.) The book you're currently reading? The Successful Investor by William O’Neil. Self-explanatory.

33.) Last show you watched? Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond. Very clever and fast-paced. To all the Whovians who were butthurt because Dominic Cooper wasn’t our 12th Doctor? Relax. He could very well be our next James Bond.

34.) Last person you talked to? My mom.

35.) The relationship between you and the person you last texted? He’s my brother by another mother.

36.) Favorite food? Oh, snap. This one is hard. Chili paneer or green curry with tofu.

37.) Place you want to visit? All the places! Prague, Istanbul, London, Paris… Seriously, the list of places I don’t want to visit is shorter.

38.) Last place you were? Starbucks for my favorite, the hazelnut machiatto.

39.) Do you have a crush? Pink. Seriously, did you see her at the Grammys? Girl has mad talent.

40.) Last time you kissed someone? Sunday, when I kissed my kitties goodbye before leaving for Atlanta.

41.) Last time you were insulted? On my blog! I thought about leaving the comment, but it might have offended someone, so I deleted it. All I’m saying? Better to be considered ugly than to be plain and boring.

42.) Favorite flavor of sweet? Lychee. Yum.

43.) What instruments do you play? Errr… I can play Eye of the Tiger on the drums. That’s it.

44.) Favorite piece of jewelry? My gold Claddagh ring, which was a gift from my gran. It’s too big for me now, so I never wear it. I need to have it resized, but I’m so scared something will happen to it.

45.) Last sport you played? Shopping is totally a sport!

46.) Last song you sang? Every song from the Breakfast Club.

47.) Favorite chat up line? Ugh, no. I don’t have one. Vile.

48.) Have you ever used it? Can I get an oh, HELL no up in here?

49.) Last time you hung out with anyone? Today.

50.) Who should answer these questions next? Anyone who wants to! Post links below!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Wednesday Wants #2

With temperatures below freezing and Snowpocalypse 2.0 in full swing, I find myself craving a warm, puffy jacket. Enter Burberry’s Roosby Goose Down jacket. It’s not available in my size (alas), but I can ogle and dream of the warmth it would provide. For those of you who wear an XS, L, and XL, take a gander (see what I did there?) at for the current object of my affection.


Monday, January 27, 2014

Snowpocalypse 2014?

Fellow Atlantans will remember the Great Snowpocalypse of 2011. For three days, the majority of us were trapped inside of our homes while the world outside our windows was blanketed in white. It was beautiful. It was boring

One thing I will say is that our cable/internet company, Charter Communications, which was often the bane of my existence due to frequent outages, never caved under the pressure of snow and ice on the lines. Our cable never flickered. There was not a single blip in our internet service. The problem was that after three days, we were all sick of looking at each other and wanted out. The bigger problem? Our steep driveway, which forms a 25 degree angle. No way in hell could any car safely make it down our ice-coated drive. 

Eventually, though, came the thaw. There was slush everywhere, the likes of which I haven’t seen since living in Alaska, but we were free! I’ve only seen light flurries since then. Now they’re saying we could be in for another Snowpocalypse. Am I the only one kind of looking forward to it? 

Friday, January 24, 2014

That 60's Thing

“Oh, the joys of growing out a pixie,” said no one ever. My hair had grown into a choppy, stringy mess atop my head. It had no style at all. Something had to be done. My mom got an amazing haircut from Tangala at Barnette’s, and she recommended I book an appointment with her. (And when my mom tells me I need to do something with my hair, it’s way past time something was done! See below for awfulness; I mean the awfulness on my head, btw, not my face).

The salon itself is lovely, filled with Aveda products and modern art, and — best of all — they have Earl Grey tea! What can I say? I’m easily impressed. Offer me my favorite tea, surround me with art, and I’m a happy camper. That it was named one of the top 100 salons in the country by Elle magazine doesn’t hurt, either. 

Tangala is a very pretty woman with the most gorgeous, buttery blonde hair color (it’s a shade I always admire on others because I cannot pull it off, myself) and has an easy-going manner that I’m sure even the most skittish of clients find soothing. 

I’ve endured cat pee yellow bobs and magenta Vulcan bowl cuts, so I always take the stance of “it’s only hair; it will grow back.” And with as ratty as my hair was looking? I figured anything had to be an improvement. I also figured — and I admitted this to Tangala — that I thought my hair was still too short for her to actually do anything with it. 

Boy, am I glad I was wrong. I’m also glad I gave her carte blanche to do what she wanted. I would never in a million years have chosen a 60's-style crop with heavy bangs for myself despite admiring the style on model Agyness Deyn. Somehow, it works, and if something works on me with my weird features, it can work on anyone. Tada! Lots better!

Much as I like it, this is just a temporary style. Now that my hair is healthier, I’m still going to try letting it grow. Tangala was extremely helpful in that regard, too, describing what she saw as “the perfect style” to aim for. It does involve keeping the bangs, because as I was told, some people need bangs: Zooey Deschanel, and me. I have no complaints there, as I have a high forehead and oily skin; the bangs keep me from resembling a lightbulb! 

My only complaint? My 60's hairstyle demands winged liner. Ain’t nobody got time for that on a daily basis!

Barnette’s has three locations in the greater Jackson area, so if you’re having a hair crisis while in Mississippi, they can help. 

(And, no, before some jerk gripes about it, I am not sponsored by Barnette’s. I paid for my haircut, thank you. Only the Earl Grey tea was complimentary).

Welp, better go practice my liquid liner moves in the hope of emulating Mad Men’s Joan Holloway… Back on Monday, this time from Atlanta!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Wednesday Wants

I’m not sure if I’ll turn this into a regular weekly feature, but for now I just have to share the scrumptious boots I found on the Free People website. Look at them. I don’t technically need another pair of boots, only... I do because I wear boots on a daily basis unless I know I’m going to be doing a ton of walking. 

And then? I mostly wear them anyway. 

Hm... I do have a birthday coming up… 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Gone, Baby, Gone (Empties #3)

1.) TRESemmé Luxurious Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner: I got these little bottles for traveling, and between trips to Colorado, Houston, and Atlanta, I killed them off. They were okay. They smelled nice and rinsed out easily, but I guess my hair is less damaged than I thought (yay!), because they were much too rich. If you have dry, brittle hair, give these a go. You will love them.

2.) St. Ives Indulgent Coconut Milk Body Wash: This was my summer shower gel. I bought it thinking I wanted something coconutty for the hotter months. I expected it to smell like my beloved VitaCoco, but it hardly smelled of anything. I like my shower products to have a scent, so while it lathered well and wasn’t drying, I didn’t particularly care for it.

3.) REN ClearCalm 3 Clarifying Clay Cleanser: This stuff is freaking brilliant. No lie. I still get breakouts — at my age! why?! — but as I also have sensitive skin, I have to be very careful what I use in terms of acne treatments. This cleanser, which can also be allowed to harden into a mask and rinsed off, was the best of both worlds. I can’t say it prevented breakouts, but it drastically shortened their lifespans without leaving that dry, overly tight feeling most acne-targeting cleansers do. I was sad to see this go, and it’s on my list of stuff to repurchase. 

4.) Lady Speed Stick Invisible Dry Antiperspirant Deodorant Shower Fresh: Let’s just be honest here — most of us can get a little sweaty and smelly. Right? Is that TMI for a blog? I dunno. Anyway, this was a mini travel size from the same kit as the shampoo and conditioner from my empties. It lasted until yesterday, so the full size, which I have purchased, should last an entire year.

5.) Neosporin Neo-To-Go: When you have cats, you need this in your life. That’s all there is to say. It works. It stops the burning, itching sensation of a cat scratch dead in its tracks, and it prevents infection. I keep these — along with alcohol pads and bandaids — in my nightstand drawer for those lovely moments when my girls wake me up screeching and clawing. 

6.) Philosophy Eye Hope Multitasking Eye Cream for Dark Circles, Puffiness & Lines: Yet another letdown from Philosophy. (Cue heavy sighing and eye-rolling). I was given a gift set of a lot of their products, so I’m slowly but surely working my way through them. This eye cream lasted for well over two months, so I had enough time to see results. There weren’t any. All I can say is that it didn’t burn my eyes. 

7.) Philosophy Amazing Grace Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel: Okay, setting aside what I think of most Philosophy products, I truly adore their shower gels. This was the exception. It smelled very clean and soapy, which I do not like. If you love that squeaky-clean smell, you will love the scent of this one. But don’t go grab it up just yet! Unlike their other shower gels, this one had a strange, clumpy consistency and barely lathered. It was still in-date, so I don’t know what was up. Just… yuck!

8.) Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Foaming Cleanser: This already appeared in one of my monthly favorites lists, so I don’t have to blather on about it too much. But I love it, so I will It’s non-drying, but it doesn’t make you oily. It smells wonderful, but the fragrance doesn’t cause any reactions. When my current cleanser runs out, I plan on buying the full size version. It should last forever considering the travel size lasted me from September until the very last day of December. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

Update + Formula X for Sephora

I’ve never been happier to bid a year goodbye than 2013. After losing two of our cats, I was an emotional wreck. I won’t say I’m fully recovered — you can’t lose furry babies you’ve loved for so long and bounce back without experiencing sadness in less than a month — but I’m better.

Or I was until yet another baby needed to be spayed because she had developed a pyometra (infected uterus). Little Evil is fine. She’s running around mewing and being adorable, but after losing Ted and Chloe, it was terrifying.  

So that’s where I’ve been lately, but one of my New Year’s Resolutions was to update my blog regularly, so from now on, come Hell or High Water, I will be updating on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday even if it’s just a few sentences about something pretty I’ve seen. I started this blog to share things I’ve discovered/love/hate/would sell a kidney for, and I need to do a better job of doing it!

My newest obsession is the Formula X for Sephora nail polish in Perfection. It’s a mid-toned smokey taupe with purple undertones. It glides on like a dream and dries pretty quickly, too! I applied it Tuesday afternoon; it’s now after 6 pm on a Friday, and I have only two tiny patches on one nail that show any signs of wear. I’m constantly doing something with my hands, so that’s impressive. 

Right now I only have a sample size that I got for free with some of my VIB points, but I will definitely investigate more in the range. With their color selection, I’m sure I’ll find a few (or a hundred) I’d love to have. 

Has anyone else tried Sephora’s Formula X range? If so, what are your favorites?