Friday, January 24, 2014

That 60's Thing

“Oh, the joys of growing out a pixie,” said no one ever. My hair had grown into a choppy, stringy mess atop my head. It had no style at all. Something had to be done. My mom got an amazing haircut from Tangala at Barnette’s, and she recommended I book an appointment with her. (And when my mom tells me I need to do something with my hair, it’s way past time something was done! See below for awfulness; I mean the awfulness on my head, btw, not my face).

The salon itself is lovely, filled with Aveda products and modern art, and — best of all — they have Earl Grey tea! What can I say? I’m easily impressed. Offer me my favorite tea, surround me with art, and I’m a happy camper. That it was named one of the top 100 salons in the country by Elle magazine doesn’t hurt, either. 

Tangala is a very pretty woman with the most gorgeous, buttery blonde hair color (it’s a shade I always admire on others because I cannot pull it off, myself) and has an easy-going manner that I’m sure even the most skittish of clients find soothing. 

I’ve endured cat pee yellow bobs and magenta Vulcan bowl cuts, so I always take the stance of “it’s only hair; it will grow back.” And with as ratty as my hair was looking? I figured anything had to be an improvement. I also figured — and I admitted this to Tangala — that I thought my hair was still too short for her to actually do anything with it. 

Boy, am I glad I was wrong. I’m also glad I gave her carte blanche to do what she wanted. I would never in a million years have chosen a 60's-style crop with heavy bangs for myself despite admiring the style on model Agyness Deyn. Somehow, it works, and if something works on me with my weird features, it can work on anyone. Tada! Lots better!

Much as I like it, this is just a temporary style. Now that my hair is healthier, I’m still going to try letting it grow. Tangala was extremely helpful in that regard, too, describing what she saw as “the perfect style” to aim for. It does involve keeping the bangs, because as I was told, some people need bangs: Zooey Deschanel, and me. I have no complaints there, as I have a high forehead and oily skin; the bangs keep me from resembling a lightbulb! 

My only complaint? My 60's hairstyle demands winged liner. Ain’t nobody got time for that on a daily basis!

Barnette’s has three locations in the greater Jackson area, so if you’re having a hair crisis while in Mississippi, they can help. 

(And, no, before some jerk gripes about it, I am not sponsored by Barnette’s. I paid for my haircut, thank you. Only the Earl Grey tea was complimentary).

Welp, better go practice my liquid liner moves in the hope of emulating Mad Men’s Joan Holloway… Back on Monday, this time from Atlanta!

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