Friday, February 21, 2014

Cups (When I'm Gone)

I try not to babble obsessively about my love of coffee, but I really effing love the stuff. There are very few Starbucks cafes in the Jackson area, so I’ve almost exclusively frequented Cups. That has changed. Cups, I am so breaking up with you, and here’s why!

- varied pricing; one day two 16oz lattes might cost $7.70, the next, $9.15. Uh… we’re not changing our orders, guys. What gives?

- slow, slow, slow service. As in a twenty minute wait in the narrow, inescapable drive-thru lane. Once you’re in line and there are people behind you, the solid concrete divider alongside the lane keeps you there. Who’s gonna wait all that time and leave their coffee in protest? Nobody, that’s who. I don’t like underhanded traps like that, Cups. 

- half the time, your order is wrong, and if you catch the mistake before you drive away, they act like correcting their mistake is a huge favor to you. 

- their sugar-free syrups are very limited, only caramel and vanilla.

- unprofessional staff. Many a time have I glanced into the window while waiting for the coffee (another five minute wait after twenty in line!) to see the girls giggling and flirting with the guys, chatting on their phones, or dancing. Yup, dancing. Make my damn coffee!

So I have begun my love affair with Fusion. Their coffee is better. Their staff is professional. They have sugar-free syrups in every flavor except butterscotch, and that is unheard of. They have a wider variety of drinks, and the atmosphere of the cafe is awesome. Black and white pictures of Frank Sinatra decorate the walls. Massive, shiny Macs sit, waiting to be used by coffee-addicted customers. The downside to Fusion?

- no drive-thru.

So, yeah. I’ll happily burn off some of the calories I plan to consume by getting out of the car, walking up the steps, and standing in line. 

Hey, Cups? You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone. 

(If you don’t get the joke, click here!)


  1. Few things are more irritating than inefficient service. And kids standing around gossiping when they should be serving.

  2. Word. Nothing irritates me more. I'm like, "Bitch, I will make it myself!"