Monday, February 3, 2014

Garnier, I Love You

I’m sick with some awful, flu-like bug, but after two weeks of keeping up my three-posts-a-week schedule as promised, I don’t want to break my stride because of a plague that may kill me little virus. I also found the most amazing color and didn’t want to put off reviewing it any longer. 

My hair has been every color from platinum blonde to pitch black, but I always go back to red. I figure it’s better to stick to what I was born with, you know? Lately it’s been a deep strawberry blonde, but because it was honey blonde over the summer, it fades to an odd, brassy shade when it’s time for me to touch it up. With winter in full swing, I decided it was time to go a bit darker. I was going to use Clairol’s Light Auburn, but I stumbled upon a section of new release colors on sale in Walgreens. 

I’ve used Garnier Nutrisse once or twice in the past and liked it well enough, but their new range of Magnetic Coppers looked promising. I chose 643, Light Natural Copper, as it was a bit darker than the color I normally use. (See old color above. There are no full face shots here because, like I always do when I'm sick, I've broken out like mad).

Was Garnier always this good? Has it been reformulated? Because I have never used a color that made my hair feel the way this did. You know how when you color your hair, even after you’ve conditioned, it’s a bit hard to run your fingers through it? That’s a thing of the past with this dye. My fingers slid through my hair as I blew it dry, and it didn’t feel at all crispy or damaged once it was dry. The color looked rich and natural in the light of my bathroom (as you can see above), but I had yet to put it to the ultimate test.

As anyone who dyes their hair red knows, freshly dyed hair tends to glow in the sun, screaming “I color my hair!” It photographed beautifully in the sun without a touch of pink or fire engine red. There isn’t much available on the color on the internet, possibly because it’s new, but I did see somewhere that it was listed as “limited edition.” If that’s true, I may have to stock up, because I don’t want to go back to my old color!

Say it ain’t so, Garnier!


  1. That's a really nice color. I can certainly see what you're saying about it not having that freshly-dyed color phenomenon going on in the natural light.

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I was pleasantly surprised by the results.