Friday, February 28, 2014

It's Not Fugly; It's Fashion!

What is it with me and controversial footwear these days? First the UGGs, and now that I’m planning ahead for summer, what do I gravitate toward? The Birkenstock. You read that correctly. I guess now that I’ve turned 31, I’ve reached the point where I’ve stopped caring so much what everyone else thinks about what I’m wearing. 

Confession time: most of my jeans are, in fact, jeggings. They have a button and a zipper and everything, but… yeah. I prefer to feel like I’m wearing pajamas even when I’m fully dressed. If things can be stylish and comfortable at the same time, I’m a happy kitty, but I will choose comfort over style any day of the week. 

I rocked Birks back in the early 2000s, and they were the most insanely comfortable shoes I owned. I wore them until the straps on one pair snapped, and a dog gnawed on the other pair not terribly long after. It was fine; it was getting cold out, anyway. But when summer rolled around again, I mourned the loss of what my uncle jokingly called my “Jesus sandals.” For some bizarre reason, I never got around to replacing them, but that may be what I do with some of my birthday money. 

Survey says? Hate them? Love them?


  1. I....have never owned a pair. My feet are just recovering from living in combat boots for most of my adolescent and early adult life, so I never even owned a pair of sandals for fear of my terrible, terrible feet. I will take your word that these are comfortable. More power to you for choosing comfort over style.

  2. Meh, that's nothing a buttload of lotion and a pumice stone won't cure. You should give sandals a chance. They're super awesome when it's hot out! In a way, it is choosing style. It's just a style that says, "I care more about my feet than gaining three inches in heel height."