Monday, February 24, 2014

The UGG Debate

So here’s the thing about UGGs. They are not attractive. They’re clunky, rounded, and depending on the color, they look like you’re wearing a whale or a manatee on your feet. I’m not even sure they classify as “so ugly they’re cute.” What they are is warm and comfortable.

I have post-traumatic arthritis in my left foot thanks to snapping it in half, and my right foot has been broken either three or four times. I think four, but I honestly can’t remember since I’ve also sprained both feet on numerous occasions. Good times! 

The point being? Sometimes you can’t worry so much about fashion. Sometimes you have to think about function, and with another bout of cold weather looming on the horizon, all I want is to keep my sore, aching feet warm so they hurt less.

What’s your stance on UGGs? Worth the ugh-factor, or so fugly nothing can get you to wear them?


  1. My personal thoughts on the matter? Whatever floats your boat. Who cares if they aren't the most attractive things in the world? Sometimes things are allowed to be just really, awesomely comfortable.

  2. Exactly. Sometimes things are just comfy, and that's cool!

  3. Personally they are not my thing, as at the end of the day they were originally slippers in Australia :) but I do like to have a comfy shoe.

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

  4. So typical of American style -- we steal Aussie slippers and wear them outdoors! :) Being comfortable is the best thing, though.

  5. I have them, in this colour exactly and I wear them all the time in winter time (for 3 years now). So, ugly or not, I don´t care :)

  6. I have the lighter ones, Sand, I think they call the color. They're like wrapping your feet in a blanket. Today when everyone else was shivering, I was warm. Who cares if they're ugly? :D