Friday, March 21, 2014

Gone, Baby, Gone (Empties #4)

It’s that time again. After hoarding empty containers until they’ve begun to take up entirely too much space in the bathroom, I’ve accumulated enough to justify an empties post! Thank God. Seriously, tripping over empty bottles because they’re so lightweight they topple over in the shower is a huge pain in the ass, but I ran out of storage spots! #bloggerproblems

1.) Simple Moisturizing Facial Wash: I’ve heard lots of good things about Simple products, and as someone with sensitive skin, I really love the idea of the line. Simple products are free of dyes, fragrances, and alcohols, but while the cleanser was extremely gentle, it did absolutely nothing. I know it’s “conventional wisdom” that cleansers can’t do anything because they’re not on the skin long enough, but I don’t find that to be true. Why else would we react to certain cleansers? Why would some products make our skin glow? But I digress… It’s okay; I managed to use it up in the shower, but it’s not the wonder product I thought it would be.

2.) Tigi Bed Head Urban Anti-Dotes Resurrection Shampoo & Conditioner: These monster tubes lasted for over six months. Six months. I bought them while I was still trying to repair my hair after the Great Bleaching Incident. and they really did the trick. As they were finishing up, I noticed my hair was falling flat and getting oily faster. Success! I had resurrected my hair enough that these heavy-duty moisturizers were too rich. That’s always a good thing. If you’ve destroyed your hair — or it’s brittle naturally — give these a go.

3.) La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60: What can I say about this sunscreen? I have no complaints. None. It has a milky consistency that’s easy to blend, so there’s no white cast. (Not that anyone would notice on me!) It isn’t too heavy, too shiny, or too thick, and it never caused me to break out. 

4.) Trader Joe’s Micellar Cleanser: Yeah, yeah, yeah, cleansing cloths are the devil. I bought these while traveling because I didn’t have any eye makeup remover with me, and they do the job. They don’t sting the eyes, cause breakouts, or leave behind that weird, greasy film some cleansing cloths do. 

5.) Glade Cashmere Woods: I have cats, so there is a litter box in my bathroom. I want to cover the odor, but I don’t like flowery scents as a general rule.This spray masked the litter box smell without, you know, making the bathroom smell like flowers and poop. Is that TMI? My cats probably would rather not have me discuss their business…

6.) Jolen Creme Bleach: I had a small, random patch of jet black hair at the front of my hairline, so when I was a paler strawberry and honey blonde last year, I’d mix a tiny dollop of this up to pre-lighten the black strands. I’m no longer living in a delusional world in which I can rock Gwen Stefani hair, but that’s fine since the cream has all dried up. Also? That black patch has turned white.

7.) Sundown Naturals Adult Multivitamin: They’re vitamins. You don’t feel them working at the time, but they help in the long run. These gummis tasted delicious, so I actually remembered to take my vitamins since I enjoyed them.

8.) Excedrin Migraine: I live off this stuff. I have chronic migraines, and if not for the marvel that is this drug, I would literally be nonfunctional at least once a week. These make the difference between having to hide under the covers, shades down, all lights off, cotton jammed in my ears, and being able to go about my daily tasks. I stockpile it now because I was so traumatized when it was off the market.

9.) MyChelle Sun Shield SPF 28: This doesn’t have nearly enough SPF for me on a daily basis, but on days when it’s pouring down rain and I’m outside for a grand total of ten minutes, it’s fine. It’s thicker than the La Roche-Posay and can leave a tackiness to the skin if not properly blended, but it doesn’t cause breakouts or interfere with makeup application.

10.) Lancome Bi-Facil: You know you love a product when the loss of even one use makes you sad. Teeny knocked the bottle into the sink while the cap was off, spilling the last few drops. Even though there was only enough to use one more time, I was momentarily crushed. It’s the best eye makeup remover ever. I honestly don’t know how long I’ve had the bottle — that’s how long-lasting it is, and I wear mascara five days a week. It removes everything without feeling greasy and never stings.

11.) Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair: This has already been featured on at least one Hits list that I know of, possibly more. It’s one of those cult products well-known for clearing up breakups faster, even healing minor wounds. When one of my babies clawed my nose with her razor-sharp demon talons, I mixed this with Neosporin, and a wound I was told (by a doctor, no less) would be visible for two months healed in two weeks. Two weeks. To be honest, I do have a Wolverine-esque healing factor as far as wounds go. I’m sure that helped.

12.) Nivea Olive Oil & Lemon: I am a lip balm junkie. I keep two in the nightstand drawer, several in the bathroom, and I currently have three in my bag. This is one of the best I’ve ever tried. It’s nourishing without feeling heavy or tacky, and it doesn’t taste funny. I’d buy it again… but I need to get through the other six lip balms I have.

13.) L’Oréal Voluminous Butterfly: Seriously scary brush. Seriously awesome mascara. Once I got the hang of using it, it gave me major lashes in a snap. The only problem is that it goes gloopy very quickly. I got maybe a month and a half out of it before it just didn’t work even after I ran it under hot water. Maybe I’d used it all? If that’s the case, there’s not enough product in here to justify the $8.99 price tag when a cheaper tube will last a full three months. 

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