Monday, March 10, 2014

Help! I Can't Decorate!

this is super cute
I’m in the process of decorating my room. My new comforter is celery green, and all the furniture in my room is white — the bed is white wrought iron, the built-in desk and cabinets a classic style, and my nightstand is French country. When it’s not a horrific mess (I have birthday presents in boxes stacked on my desk waiting to be shipped; you know who you are, and I swear your presents will be mailed this week!) I’ll take pictures.

The great thing is that it’s a blank canvas. I can do anything! The problem is that it’s a blank canvas, and with endless possibilities comes endless confusion. I’m thinking of hanging a few storage-type things so I can keep some of the clutter off my desk, but I just don’t know. Design aficionados, lend me your talents! 

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