Friday, March 7, 2014

Purple Rain

Guys, I couldn't not use a Prince song for the title. Seriously.

Kelly Osbourne has been rocking lavender hair for a few years now, and I have to say I can’t picture her as normal without her abnormal hair color. It’s just part of who she is, and I give her major props for sticking to her pastel-hued guns in the face of critics. 

Now Nicole Richie and Ireland Baldwin have joined the purple-haired club. (Hey, why not? They’re already members of the “I’m famous because my parents are” club!)

Ahem. But I digress. I’ve had brown hair, black hair, platinum blonde hair, various shades of red, fuchsia, and pink, but I have never gone lavender. The new trend — and the fast approaching spring season — kind of makes me want to.

I probably won’t just because my hair is finally healthy again, and I don’t want to bleach it again, which would be necessary. Still, I find myself dreaming of looking like an Easter egg. Does anybody else feel the need to restraint themselves from placing a Manic Panic order, or is it just me?

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