Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring Is In The Air

My uncle’s Italian-food-laden birthday party brings to you… more slightly tipsy posting from my phone! Yay! 

I have a vacation coming up, and with the weather finally warming up, I’m on a hunt for cute spring/summer clothes that are beach friendly. This dress (from Zara, of course) caught my eye. 

Oddly enough, yellow used to be one of my least favorite colors. Now I love it thanks to a super-sweet sales assistant in Gap who literally chased after me brandishing a yellow sweater insisting that I put down the clich├ęd green sweater every redhead in the world owned in favor of saffron. 

My dad approved, and he’s always the first to tell me when something “looks like shit.” (We don’t mince words in my family!) What are you eyeing up for spring?


  1. That's a pretty dress, and I think the color will look fabulous on you.

  2. Thanks! I have no spring clothes, so I think Imma have to grab it.