Friday, April 11, 2014

Day 10: Jerks

Day 10: Jerks

Okay, so I’m playing fast and loose with the rules today, but I didn’t want anyone else to get burned in the time it took me to reach the letter U, and the people at Univox Community are definitely a bunch of jerks.

They’ve owed me a $25 Amazon card for the past two months. Once you redeem your points, you’re supposed to receive your card with two weeks. Two weeks passed, no card. I e-mailed them. Another two and a half weeks went by with no response, and then I received an e-mail saying they were sorry, and my card would be there shortly. 

I never got the card.

I have since e-mailed again, tweeted at them, and done everything short of turning up at their home office and refusing to leave without payment, because it isn’t about the money anymore. It’s about the principle of the thing. It’s about the fact that if you contact someone repeatedly without hearing back from them, and they never fix their mistake, people should know about it.

So there you go. Never sign up for Univox Community, and if I’ve ever recommended it to you in the past, I’m very sorry.