Saturday, April 26, 2014

Days 22 & 23: A Victory, a Virus, Wicked Fun, and a Wanker

Days 22 & 23: Victory, Viruses, and Wicked Fun

We have the internet! At long last, victory is ours! I also have some kind of virus which I initially mistook for a bad case of allergies. I should be so lucky. 

Last night I went to see Kansas with my uncle, which was a whole lot of fun. (I’m calling it Wicked Fun to fulfill the W requirement. See how sneaky I am?) It was awesome to see Kansas in concert since I was too young to go see them when they were touring during their heyday, and then they sort-of-kind-of split up. Not totally sure what happened there, but they’re back, and they’re awesome. The band opening for them was called Acoustic Crossroads, and they were really good, too. I'll upload footage I took to YouTube in the next few days so everyone can hear their cover of Wish You Were Here.

You know what? I can fill the W requirement with another word! Wanker. Some wanker spilled his beer all over me… but he also spilled it on himself, so he was every bit as miserable as I was. Ha!