Monday, May 12, 2014

Dear Nail Envy, Please Help!

I recently Instagrammed a picture of my tiny, flaking nails, and Karen from KPsays recommended wearing gloves while doing housework and using coconut oil before bed. I need to try both. In the meantime, I have my bottle of OPI Nail Envy. 

I’ll be honest. It says to use it every day and take it off after seven days to start again. Ahem. I have been using this as a base coat and then painting my nails. I always make sure to use brands with the least amount of nasties in them over the top, but that’s just not the recommended usage for Nail Envy. 

I’m going to give it a go. One solid week, one coat every day, and I’ll see if there’s any improvement after a week. In the meantime, I’ll pick up some latex-free gloves and coconut oil.

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