Monday, June 2, 2014

Birthday Wishes

If I didn’t bungle the use of the scheduling feature, this should go live Monday. Fingers crossed…

Before I tackle serious daily blogging (on a trial basis ‘cause, let’s face it, I could flake and drop back to twice a week), I’d like to wish a happy birthday to two of the most awesome guys in the world. In addition to sharing a birthday, you both have the distinction of being guys I honestly wasn’t so sure about when we first met. 

I thought you were both kind of weird and standoffish, and when I think someone is weird? They’re weird. I was right about the weirdness, and it’s seriously an awesome personality trait. The standoffishness, I could not have been more wrong about. Once I got to know you guys, I can’t believe I ever thought two of the warmest, kindest individuals I have ever met were anything but.

So I will drink a toast to the two of you and wish you good health. Thank you for being awesome, and I speak for all of the Nerd Collective when I say we love you. :)

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