Monday, June 16, 2014

On Olive Oil (with Guest Author Marta Pujol of Chemist Direct)

Remember the thing I mentioned being excited about? Well, now it’s ready to go live. I was contacted by Chemist Direct about a week ago about a collaboration that will not only offer a helpful tip to my readers but will introduce some of you to a website you might not have heard about.

Similar to, Chemist Direct offers a variety of health and beauty products — and UK readers will be able to pick up prescriptions through them. Best of all, they offer worldwide shipping for loads of their products. That mascara every British blogger is raving about? Yeah, you can get your hands on it now. You’re welcome.

I am not being paid for this post. I would not be hosting this post if I didn't respect the company or think it would be beneficial to you guys. I mean, who doesn't want to know about a hair treatment you can find in your kitchen? (Olive oil also makes a great moisturizer, and some even use it as a cleanser, but more on that another day...)

And now here’s the lovely Marta Pujol singing the praises of one of my favorite things in the universe.

We all dream of beautiful natural or dyed hair which is shiny, soft and smooth, but unfortunately, our hair is constantly submitted to external aggressions. It's not only the winter cold that causes our hair to dry out making it prone to breakage and splitting ends, but also the UV rays from the summer sun that dries out your hair making it fizzy, along with the chlorine from swimming pools which can leave it damaged and lacking in moisture.

Hair products we normally buy and use, contain a huge amount of chemicals that can be beneficial, in most of cases, but if put together with natural healing remedies will leave your hair shiny and soft. One of the best natural remedies can currently be found in everyone's kitchens: olive oil. Olive oil goes beyond use in the kitchen and has amazing properties beneficial for skin and hair.

Benefits of olive oil for the hair

Olive Oil promotes hair growth and scalp health due to its antioxidants which aids the skin on the scalp prevent, fighting off fungi, bacteria and dandruff and improving blood circulation.

It contains fatty acids that are gentle to the scalp keeping it healthy and protected from the damage created by external aggressions such as weather, heat from hair dryers, flat irons or the use of hair dye. Olive oil also provides a natural condition to the hair, covering its damaged outer layers, giving it a shinier, smoother and healthier appearance.

Olive oil can help making dull, frizzy hair manageable too, nourishing brittle hair and smoothing down the split ends. Moisturise your dry ends with a warm olive oil massage after styling to tame it and leave it smooth, especially those who straighten their hair daily.

It moisturises the hair to combat dandruff as well. When massaging the scalp with olive oil, it nourishes deeply, reducing the appearance of your dandruff in a natural way. This treatment can be used as often as needed or just once a week to prevent undesired reappearance. 

An olive oil hair mask per week can also add shine to damaged and dry hair making it look healthy while keeping it soft and conditioned. Moreover, enriching your diet with hair supplements, good foods like almonds, seafood or Greek yoghurt can also help in preventing hair loss and promote hair growth.

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