Wednesday, June 4, 2014


No, not the 1990s movie with Dustin Hoffman. A rosacea outbreak. I don’t get as red as some rosacea sufferers — my poor mother turns the color of a tomato when she breaks out — but I’m covered in hard, under-the-skin bumps. My face feels sore and tight. Oh, and I’m nauseous.

According to an FDA study, under three percent of subjects with rosacea suffer from nausea and vomiting as a side effect. Of those who do, 87.5% were women, and 12% were migraine sufferers. Migraines, like rosacea, are often triggered by stress, and women are shown to internalize stress moreso than men do. 

Hm. Not sure if queasy because my face is broken out or because my head hurts. Whatever the trigger, stress seems to be the root cause. Or maybe the root cause is that I’m a woman. I will probably never know the answer. For now, Metrogel and Mega Mushroom Skin Calming Cream to the rescue!

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