Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 16: Lipgloss

My skin is in a sad, sorry state right now. It’s bright red and inflamed, especially around my mouth, so I’m gonna be skipping any swatches today… and probably for the next few days, too. For reals, my face hurts like a bitch.

Anyway! Lip gloss is something I haven’t worn much of lately. I wore it more often when my hair was short, but now that it’s growing, I hate dealing with picking hair off my lips and having the gloss smear all over my face. Not attractive!

The Maybelline Color Sensational Cream Gloss in Coffee Kiss* is totally worth the risk of hair-in-lipgloss issues. It’s a warm, shimmery nude, and it doesn’t actually feel that sticky on the lips! It’s definitely my go-to lip gloss these days. What’s yours?

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