Thursday, July 17, 2014

Day 17: Tales of a Wardrobe Wuss

As I was trolling F21 in search of a simple, black cardigan to wear to my cousin’s wedding this September, I found an image that is pretty much the most perfect glimpse into my wardrobe. (Please ignore the fact that my wardrobe was lacking a black cardigan until five minutes ago when I clicked the “complete order” button. Mine died a tragic death, and I’m only now replacing it…)

Erm, where were we? 

Right! My typical outfit is a pair of dark wash jeans, a t-shirt (long or short-sleeved, but usually long because I’m cold-natured), my trusty gray cardigan — yes, even in summer! — and either sneakers or ballet flats. 

I’m not fancy. I can (and do) dress up when it’s called for, but when I get dressed for the day, I’m honestly thinking more along the lines of, “will I care if two 100+ pound dogs wallow all over these clothes?” rather than, “do I look date-worthy in this?”

That’s probably why I’m single. ;)

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