Sunday, July 6, 2014

Day 6: Glow, A Haircut Story

After being utterly terrified due to my mom being hospitalized, I’m happy to report that she feels normal again, if a bit drained from the ordeal. We had lunch with some friends, tooled around town, and I went to get my hair fixed by Martha at Salon Disegno. 

Though I typically straighten it, my hair is naturally quite wavy. It’s July. I live in the south. The last thing I want to do is fool around with heat styling. My only stipulation when I went in was that I wanted my new style to work with my natural texture. 

Before… (Apologies for the bitchface, but wouldn’t you look pissed with that lank mess on your head? And, yeah, totally using the backlighting to make this count as my "glow" entry!)


Sorry for spamming you lot with my face, but I think she accomplished it! I will probably straighten it on occasion — old habits die hard — but it looks so cute wavy that I won’t be doing it often. Less heat, less time, less damage to my hair. I call that a win-win.

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