Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Day 9: Pastel Picks

Pasty gal that I am, wearing pastels isn’t something I can get away with. I drool over pale peachy shades and mint green, but if I wear them near my face, I instantly look like a corpse. This is a problem no amount of blush can counteract. 

My solution is to wear pastels on the bottom half. These adorable shoes from Zara are the most gorgeous shade of blue, and they’re on sale. I think I may need them since I actually don’t own any sandals. And I live in the south. Kind of dumb, huh?

Oddly enough, I can wear creams and whites, so this peaches and cream dress from Forever 21 will soon find its way into my closet. It’s just so pretty, and I don’t have many dresses, either. 

Jeans are an item I have plenty of, but… these, also from Forever 21, are lavender. And polka dotted. I may not need them, but I really, really love them.

What are your favorite pastels?

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