Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Late Start On a Photo-a-Day Challenge, Blog-Style

I found out about Super Gorgeous Blog’s July Photo-A-Day challenge from Karen, and I figured I would adapt it to my blog, not just Instagram! I’m starting a day late, whoops! Day 1 should have been June Favorites, but I’ve already posted those. In the interest of being honest (and not confusing anyone when my numbering is off from theirs), I’ll start on Day 2: The 5-Minute Face.

Let’s just pretend I’m about to do my hair and go somewhere! In reality, I was letting a deep conditioning mask soak in before my shower when I took this picture. How glam! 

I focus on my skin when I don’t have much time to get ready. I figure if my skin looks good, I’ll at least look passable. Let’s also pretend I’ve washed my face, moisturized, and let some sunscreen sink in. Okay, onward! Six products, five minutes.

Step One: Laura Mercier Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer in Porcelain. This does have an SPF, but it’s not enough for the bright summer sun. It has good coverage, but it’s not heavy or cakey, a must for hot weather. Apply this all over the face.

Step Two: NARS Concealer in Chantilly. This is one of the best concealers for spots I have ever found. I use the tip of my finger to gather the product and pat it on instead of touching the stick to the pimple. That’s just so gross. 

Step Three: Rimmel Blush in Santa Rose. I currently resemble one of the vampires in Underworld, so a light dusting of this muted peachy-pink blush is an absolute must. 

Step Four: Kevyn Aucoin Lash Curlers. I never understood the big deal about curling your lashes until I tried this pair. It really does make a huge difference.

Step Five: Essence Big Lashes Waterproof Mascara. Have I mentioned that it’s hotter than Satan’s armpit right now? Because waterproof mascara is a necessity here. This cheapie, found at Ulta for under four bucks, works just as well as some of the high end mascaras I’ve tried. I’m a convert!

Step Six: Revlon Lipstick in Cherries in the Snow. My grandmother was a huge influence on me beauty-wise. She always wore bright red lipstick, and even when she had on no other makeup, she always looked polished. When I’m in a rush, I either go for clear lip balm or, if I want to look like I made an effort, red lipstick. I unearthed this in the back of my makeup drawer the last time I was in Atlanta and gleefully brought it back with me. 

So that’s my five minute face. Show me yours. 

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