Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Everyday Rudeness

When I say rudeness, I’m not talking about having a potty mouth or occasionally talking with one’s mouth full. Both are examples of rudeness, but these instances are categorized as minor infractions. They’re harmless. 

They aren’t, say, going to plow a woman using a walker off her feet. 

Allow me to set the stage: Food Network chef (and Mississippi native) Cat Cora was in Jackson last night for the Mississippi Culanthropy — a food-based charity event benefitting the UMMC School of Nursing scholarships. I was not in attendance, but my aunt (who loves Cat Cora the way I love Neil Gaiman) and uncle were. 

There was a silent auction for one of Cat’s chef jackets, which she would autograph for the winner of the bid. Bidding ended at 8:00 pm. As my aunt went to turn in her bid, a dreadful woman from a prominent Jackson family (and that’s all I’m saying about her identity because I don’t want to be slammed with a libel suit) attempted to change her bid… at 8:02. That alone was rude. 

Here’s the kicker. My aunt suffered a stroke after contracting West Nile Virus, and as a result, uses a walker. That woman — who will henceforth be referred to as Rude Vile Pig, RVP for short — slammed into her and almost knocked her off her feet. 

She body-slammed a woman using a walker. So she could attempt to change her bid. After the auction closed. 

Let that sink in. Imagine it’s your ninety-year-old grandmother if that helps you understand my outrage. 

It isn’t smacking your gum or answering your phone while ordering your coffee. It’s an ingrained form of everyday rudeness that speaks of a lifelong sense of entitlement and blatant lack of regard for others. 

RVP’s attempt to alter her bid was shot down by the auctioneer. My aunt won the jacket and had her picture taken with Cat Cora, who is as lovely in person as she seems on television. And, fortunately, my uncle didn’t lose his temper. (I say fortunately because I’m not entirely sure who would win if my uncle got into a fight with Dave Bautista).

To the RVPs of the world: I know you’re unlikely to change. I know you probably stopped reading two sentences in, but I have something to say to you. People notice your behavior, and sometimes the people who notice do have the power to put you in your place. Everyone who’s dealt with your kind relishes these moments. They will increase in frequency because people are becoming increasingly disgusted by the plethora of piggish behavior in the world. You've enjoyed your reign of terror pushing people around. Get used to being pushed back.