Friday, August 8, 2014

The WORST Shampoo and Conditioner of All Time

Back in July I trialled the new Dove Advanced Hair Series Oxygen Moisture* line. My hair is still in recovery. 

I must have been a glutton for punishment the last time we visited Atlanta since I only brought the horrible Andalou Naturals BB Cream as my sunscreen, and these two tubes of Satanic evil were my only shampoo and conditioner. 

The first time I washed my hair with them, my mom remarked that it looked a bit drier than usual, kind of frizzy. I agreed, but because it was about to rain, I chalked it up to the humidity. The next time I washed my hair, it looked even worse, but I had also left my hair to dry completely naturally without any leave-in conditioner. I blamed that. 

We returned to Madison, and I tried the duo again, thinking it must have been the climate, surely, and not these harmless products — they promise moisture! it’s right there in the name! — and my mom remarked, “Your hair looks fried.” 

And it did. It looked like the ratty ends of a well-used broom, and it felt just as bad. A month of deep conditioning treatments later, and I’m still able to feel a difference between my hair now and before these revolting products entered my life.

These are disgusting. Do not buy these. If someone attempts to give them to you for free, do not accept them. This person clearly hates you and wants you to have bad hair. Hell no, Dove. Hell no!


  1. I saw your pic on Insta about this, and am just now reading your post. I have super, duper baby fine hair, and this shampoo/conditioner works well for me! In fact, I did a post about how much I love it! I know we are all different, and I hate it ruined your hair! I did chuckle out loud about "ratty ends of a well-used broom". I hope your hair is back to normal, and that your Mom is still doing well.

  2. That's what's so weird! I have baby fine hair, just a lot of it, and it ravaged my hair. I have heard it's harder on colored hair, and mine most definitely is. I also wonder if it didn't react well because I'm close to fifty percent gray... I'm glad it works well for you. You can't beat the price! It's still recovering, and Mom is doing much better, thank you!