Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Back Again... Again

Hey, guys!

Long time, no see. Saturday before last, my mom was rushed to the hospital in sepsis and had to stay until Wednesday hooked up to a cocktail of five antibiotics (four? five? I can’t remember. Lots!) So that explains the hiatus. I was going to post something when we got back home, but I was too damned tired, and she still felt so horrible we were worried she might have to go back. Posting about her progress so soon seemed like tempting fate. 

We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled blogging from here on out (I haven’t forgotten you, nice people at Aveda and Garnier!), but I have to say thank you to the staff of St. Dominic’s hospital. Hopefully all of you guys stay well, but if you’re ever sick in Jackson, MS, go there!

Thank you, Lynda, for getting us there safely and checking in on us. Oh, and for baking the best challah in the world. 

Thanks to Ben and Dom for making me laugh over a silly Spider-man debate.

Thanks to Cheramie, Flameka, Keyvonda, Romaine, Vickie, Gloria, Joel, Lorna, and Doctors Hogan, Whitehurts, Sandifer, and Deale for the top-notch medical care.

Thank you, Father Gallagher, for your gentleness and support.

I hope I didn’t forget anyone from St. D’s, but it’s possible I did, and that’s due to my lack of functioning braincells while staying with my mom, not the lack of awesome shown by the staff.

That was scary as all hell; thank you for making it easier.

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