Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Biaggi's Redux

You know how sometimes you visit a restaurant you’ve been to before, and the experience is so horrendous you think, “Never doing that again?” It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. But time passes, and the food there is good, so you give it another go, convinced that the last time was surely just a fluke and not an indication of a decline in service? 

This is one such story. This is the tale of Biaggi’s and how we were once again disappointed. 

I went to Biaggi’s with my mother and my uncle last night, and we were seated promptly. There was a screaming kid in the other room, but the screaming didn’t last very long. The problem was the service. We waited a good ten minutes for someone to come to the table. Then the waiter forgot my uncle’s tea. No one had a complicated drink order, so unsweet tea shouldn’t be hard to remember, but things happen. Okay. 

Then he forgot sweeteners. 

He returned with Truvia (which I personally find vile, but whatever), and we placed our order, including my aunt’s to-go order, which the waiter said he would turn in when he brought our meals so it would be ready roughly when we finished eating. 

I ordered tuna, specifying that I liked it almost raw. The waiter agreed that overcooked tuna was gross and said theirs was lightly seared. It sounded delicious. 

My tuna arrived so overcooked it was gray. That was the kitchen’s fault, not the waiter’s. I’m not blaming that on him, but it's another example of the overall drop in quality there. I ordered an appetizer instead, sending away the foul tuna. (The smell was so fishy it put me off the idea of trying again).

We ate. It was delicious, like always. My uncle’s unsweet tea was refilled with sweet tea, and he had to send that back for a new glass. We finished eating, and my uncle inquired about the to-go order. 

Our waiter forgot to turn it in. 

So we had to wait another twenty minutes for that to be prepared, and when the ticket arrived, the waiter had charged for a more expensive menu item as the to-go order, not the actual menu item ordered. My uncle was so frustrated he just paid the bill — he was much more generous with the tip than I would have been — and we left.

One bad experience is a fluke. Two is a trend. I don’t like this trend. Biaggi’s, get your act together!

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