Friday, October 10, 2014


Dobby remains a free elf! 

My mom was able to avoid another hospital stay, which is awesome. Now I need to get her well, head to Bourbon Street, and we’ll celebrate by eating so many CafĂ© Du Monde beignets we can’t move! Maybe not. I’ll settle for wellness. 

But I did almost die yesterday, and Mom and I got to take part in a Buddhist memorial service, so there was some excitement, after all. 

I almost died when the valet at St. Dominic’s “parked” and got out of the car. The car? Yeah, not parked. As I moved to get in, seatbelt caught under my arm, the car began to move and dragged me along for the ride. I wriggled free, flung myself away, and was so startled I just laughed. This is my natural reaction to extreme pain or fear. Just ask my uncle, who watched in horror while I stood with my hand under the Instant-Hot faucet, turning my fingers tomato red, cackling maniacally.  I thought I was about to be pulled under the car, so… yeah, there was a good amount of panic involved. I’m sore and stiff, but I don’t have any broken bones, so there’s that.

Then Mom and I had lunch at Thai House, which was technically closed because one of the owner’s neighbors lost her mother, so the Buddhist monks came in from New Orleans to pray with her. It was a lovely and warm, informal ceremony, and I feel so honored to have been allowed to be part of it. 

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