Thursday, October 2, 2014

Grrr, Garnier

Oh, Garnier. Why do you tease me so? 

Several months ago when I was still using boxed dye instead of Redken, I stumbled upon a fantastic Garnier dye. It made my hair feel amazing, and the color was absolutely gorgeous. I even wrote to Garnier begging for them not to discontinue it — they were nice enough to write back thanking me for my feedback — but I never again saw the same color in stores. I couldn’t find it online, either. 

Color me surprised when I received a little box from the same Magnetic Collection I had fallen in love with months ago. The color on the box looked beautiful, if a shade brighter than I usually wear. I figured, “Why not test it?” So I temporarily broke up with my Redken blend to trial it. 

As with every Garnier dye I’ve tried, it actually seemed to nourish my hair. It felt so soft and silky after I colored it. The problem?

Parts of my hair were Carrot Top red. 

I’m always complaining about how gray my hair is. Well, this picture will serve as proof. See how Hot Tamale red my bangs are? See the screaming red streaks mixed in? That’s the gray. If you have zero gray (or light blonde) in your hair, this will probably look stunning on you. 

On me? Well, let’s just say I just wish they’d kept the color I loved so much. 

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